3 reasons why Consumer eSIM is so important to the IoT world


While the traditional SIM card remains in use today, the consumer eSIM is slowly growing in new devices from smartphones to drones. An eSIM is a new version of the SIM that can load new carriers digitally, using QR codes. This eliminates the need to swap SIM cards to change carriers, which can be a hassle and even costly at times.

The consumer eSIM utilizes an app called the eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) responsible for holding multiple SIM profiles with only one active at a time. In practice, an eSIM allows us to store multiple carrier plans on our phones whether for business or personal use.

That being said, are there any other benefits that eSIM has to offer? Well, for the IoT side of things, there is plenty that the consumer eSIM has in store. IoT or the Internet of Things refers to devices that can connect and communicate with one another using wireless means. Smart thermostats like Nest that you can control using your smartphone (e.g., to change your home temperature) are just one example of IoT.

With that in mind, here are few ways eSIMs are so crucial to IoT:

1 – Perfect for space-constrained devices

Everything from our phones to even our smartwatches contain incredibly tiny electronic components. These devices will only get smaller and smaller, making hardware space more and more valuable. The need for even smaller components will grow to reduce wastage of space and cut down the size of many devices.

With consumer eSIM, plenty of space is saved since you do not have to build a compartment to replace the SIM, allowing wearables and similar devices to be incredibly small.

2 – Beneficial to devices deployed remotely

Not all devices are easily accessible. While things like our fridges and phones are easily controlled, billboards, forest fire monitors, and the like are not. This makes swapping SIMs incredibly tough, not to mention expensive.

Fortunately, this is not a problem for consumer eSIMs. From a remote place, the right individual can change the carrier at any time without going to the device’s physical location. In other words, plenty of time is saved traveling and accessing the SIM compartment thanks to the eSIM’s capacity for remote access.

3 – Supports the use of long-lived devices

Some devices are only built to last a short time. While they can still last long, they tend to only work for just a few years. Other products, like automobiles, can last many, many years, and with the use of an eSIM in any of these long-lived IoT devices, they can continue in use without a problem. Its flexibility, durability, and ease of use allow such devices and machines to function for many years.


The eSIM is transforming the world of IoT. From allowing space-constrained devices to get even smaller to allowing ease of switching carriers, this kind of flexibility and utility has made implementing IoT easier and much more effective.

For consumers, the eSIM will bring new and exciting devices connected via the internet, allowing us to control the devices around us with a simple push of a button or even voice commands. For businesses, the consumer eSIM can improve business processes to make them more productive and efficient. If you are a company looking to connect your devices for management purposes and more, look no further than the eSIM!

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