SIM Card

Ever since its birth, the SIM card has played a huge role in the world of telecommunications. Apart from its obvious use in mobile phones, SIMs are also used in different IoT devices to enable human to machine and machine to machine communications. That said, the traditional SIM card is slowly being replaced by eSIM, which essentially functions like a SIM card without the required actual card.

Now, you may be wondering, what exactly do eSIMs have to offer that traditional SIM cards cannot? Well, let’s talk about that:

1. Allows Devices To Be Built Smaller

Traditional SIM cards are pretty large in size. They are roughly the length and width of a credit card chip. Things don’t get any better knowing that a slot in the device has to be dedicated to the SIM card, making the entire implementation cumbersome.

An eSIM, on the other hand, is very different in size. It is quite a bit smaller than a SIM card and is embedded into the device’s circuit board allowing the device to accept wireless services using QR codes. This helps to save so much real estate on the device, allowing manufacturers to create smaller devices as a result.

2. A Lot More Convenient To Deal With

Generally, SIM cards were traditionally cut out of a plastic card and inserted into a SIM tray in the phone. What made them bulky was the absence of the processor, which was stored within the actual handset. This meant that the entire SIM card had to be removed from the phone in order to be inserted into a SIM tray. As you can imagine, this was highly inconvenient and pretty much defeated the purpose of a card that is supposed to be portable.

An eSIM, on the other hand, is already pre-installed into the device itself, which means that you won’t have to remove an actual SIM card from your phone in order to insert it into a SIM tray. It is not only easier to handle but also more secure, as SIM cards are likely to slip out of your hand while you’re trying to insert them into the SIM tray.

3. The Ability To Be Updated

Traditional SIM cards are pretty much stuck to your phone, which means that if you switch networks, you have to get new SIM cards for other devices. Since the card is dedicated to a certain phone, there is no way for you to use it on your tablet or another device.

Since eSIMs are more powerful than traditional SIM cards, manufacturers can create eSIMs that are capable of switching networks seamlessly. This means that you can use the same eSIM QR code on multiple devices if you so wish.


Traditional SIM cards have definitely served us well, but it’s time to move on. SIM cards have been replaced with eSIMs, which are fast and more secure than the traditional version. But of course, many of the world’s devices still rely on traditional SIMs, and it will take some time for eSIMs to become available in all devices. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore this tech! Implement it today into your life and business, and you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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