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eSIM eBook - The ultimate guide to embedded SIM technology

eSIM eBook - The ultimate guide to embedded SIM technology

Are you interested to learn about Embedded SIM (eSIM) and how it can help your business or app? In this…

eSIM APIs and the online shift

Smartphones and smart devices have advanced significantly in the last few years. The developments in screen technology, processing power, mobile apps, wireless connectivity, eSIM APIs

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QR codes

What is QR code

Quick Response or “QR” codes are two-dimensional barcodes (or special images) that can hold up-to 2k characters of encoded data. Such data can be in

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Apps for Smartphone

Why consumers will love eSIM

Mobile device technology is increasing in scale and functionality every year, and the next generation of smartphones are expected to have the biggest jump yet,

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Celitech.com QR

Embedded SIM “eSIM” Myths

As a new technology embedded in recent mobile phones*, tablets, laptops** and a variety of smart devices, embedded SIM (eSIM) is a powerful feature allowing

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