3 reasons why Consumer eSIM is critical to IoT

While the traditional SIM card remains in use today, the consumer eSIM is slowly growing in new devices from smartphones to drones. An eSIM is a new version of the SIM that can load new carriers digitally, using QR codes. … Read More

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eSIM QR Code

How eSIM API’s benefit businesses

It is mind-boggling that today’s smartphones have more processing power than the computer onboard the Apollo 11. Your handheld device has a more powerful computer than the machine that facilitated the moon landing! That processing power goes to enabling the … Read More

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Telecom tower

How eSIM is changing telecommunications

The standard SIM card has been ubiquitous in the past three decades—the only major change is in the development of varying sizes made to fit smaller and smaller spaces inside mobile devices. In the last few years, however, the embedded … Read More

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Connectivity Network

Why embedded SIMs unleash the future of connectivity

In today’s world, the technology sphere is focusing heavily on the transition to fewer pieces of hardware and diving deeper into software. Developments like embedded SIMs (eSIMs) and the cloud technologies are removing people’s requirements for hardware devices by increasing … Read More

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eSIM for Mobile Apps

Pros and Cons of eSIMs and Virtual Numbers

In this hyper-connected world, where communication sits at the very center of every business, government, organization, and society, connectivity and ease of use are two very important aspects that people are always looking for. With more and more people being … Read More

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Celitech eSIM API

eSIM and a new generation of wireless API’s

Connectivity is becoming a critical necessity of our day-to-day life. The need to be always connected has been amplified by COVID-19. Whether it is remote work, telehealth, online education, mobile banking, or online shopping, most human activities today are happening … Read More

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API security

Four Security Policies Your APIs Should Have

Reinforcing your APIs’ security is always a top priority, although many developers tend to ignore some of the crucial security measures in favor of authentication and authorization. While these two are essential security policies, other security provisions require just as … Read More

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API schema

Understanding Google’s API Improvement Proposals System

When an organization uses more than one Application Programming Interface (API), API governance and management becomes far more important. After all, it is critical to operational efficiency if the interactions between these APIs are as seamless as possible. It is … Read More

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A brief Guide to SaaS API Solutions

The modern times have paved the way for various technological innovations like SaaS API’s to rise, prompting a paradigm shift of landscapes. Technological advancements essentially encompass a variety of industries, all of which are benefiting in terms of profit, growth, … Read More

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eSIM Viability for Business and IoT Ecosystems

Technology is advancing at unprecedented rates. Innovations like internet of things (IoT) and embedded SIM (eSIM) have made various endeavors and operations in business far smoother than they were just a few years ago. In the process of advancing the … Read More

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