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Embedded SIM “eSIM” Myths

As a new technology embedded in recent mobile phones*, tablets, laptops** and a variety of smart devices, embedded SIM (eSIM) is a powerful feature allowing consumers to stay connected in a variety of flexible and affordable ways. The emerging feature … Read More

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Cellular tower

Cellular Data Platforms in 2020 – The Future is Now

Cellular data is one of the essential features of the modern mobile device. Without this connectivity feature, the smartphone is not exactly “smart.” Everything that a smartphone can do in terms of being online and allowing information to be sent … Read More

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Global Cellular Network

How to pick an eSIM

Embedded SIM or eSIM is a new feature included in different smartphones and consumer devices, enabling digital access to cellular networks whether locally or globally. Different eSIM mobile data offerings are being released from service providers and distributors, and consumers … Read More

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Remote work

3 ways eSIM can change Remote Work

The world of business works heavily in tandem with technological advancements. A company that fails to adapt to modern renditions of practice using technologies is typically doomed to fail. Conversely, the world of tech works tirelessly to create more efficient … Read More

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Free text and call apps

Free text apps (burner apps)

Free text and talk apps – also referred to as “Burner” apps or Burner phone apps – have been gaining popularity in the past few years for different reasons. In this article we look into free text apps and how … Read More

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Wireless network

Analyzing Cellular Data Platforms & the Future of Wireless Technology

As a predominant force in mobile device operations, cellular data platforms continue to standardize in modern-day phone technology. Almost all applications available for use on devices have links to the internet, making cellular data platforms even more critical for their … Read More

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Remote work illustration

4 Key Considerations When Using Mobile Internet for Remote Work

Today’s modern society has allowed various jobs to be done remotely. Think about freelance writers, graphic designers, web developers, and many other professionals doing their jobs in the comfort of their homes or in remote locations. Similarly, the recent lockdown … Read More

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Mobile platform for marketing

How Mobile Data Platforms Supplement Big Data

Mobile data platforms do more than just allow users to access the internet and communicate with others online while on the go. Cellular data has evolved to become increasingly powerful and a modern-day requirement for all those with smartphones. Smartphones … Read More

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cellular vs satellite

Cellular versus Satellite Phones – What you should know

Cellular phones today are so much more powerful than the ones we had in the past. Nearly all transactions today can be accomplished online through mobile data. In many situations, a cell phone is enough to contact and engage with … Read More

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5G vs 4G

5G – hype vs. reality

So what is 5G in theory? 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks. Theoretically it should deliver data speeds of as high as 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second), latency as low as 1 millisecond and up to 100x number … Read More

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