Business travel

How to empower your business with eSIM technology

A few years ago, when an employer told an employee that they’ll be given a work phone, that usually meant the company would be purchasing a mobile phone and all its accessories, a cellular plan, and SIM card for you … Read More

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eSIM QR code

What’s an eSIM and How Is It Better Than Traditional SIM

What exactly is an eSIM, and is it any better than the traditional SIM card? These are the two questions you will have in your head when you come across the new SIM technology. From the name alone, you might … Read More

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5G tech

5G and eSIM Technology – Two Sides of the Same Coin

In an age where technological advancements seem commonplace as new products and applications are discovered almost every day, there’s one piece of technology that has a lot of promise but is still yet to take the world by storm—eSIM. Since … Read More

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Understanding eSIM Technology and eSIM-Ready Devices

Now that eSIM technology is gradually being embraced by tech companies, more and more devices are now available on the market that are eSIM ready. While eSIM applications still have a long way to go to displace the old physical … Read More

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SIM for intl travel

The Only SIM You Need When You’re Traveling Overseas

An electronic SIM (embedded SIM) or eSIM is a rewritable SIM card built into a cellular phone, like a smartphone or a smartwatch. With an eSIM, you no longer need to pop open a slot to put a SIM card … Read More

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Digital SIM

Digital SIM Connectivity: Here’s Why It Pays to Upgrade to eSIM

Since handheld phones were introduced to the world, they’ve gone through many, many improvements thanks to continuous efforts in the name of innovation. And with the advent of smartphones, the game has changed immensely, and manufacturers are putting out new … Read More

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Apple iPhone 13

What you need to Know about iPhone 13’s Dual eSIM Feature

While there are many things to be excited about in the new iPhone 13 and its Pro version, the dual eSIM feature has to be one of the most significant additions. Previous models only supported single support for eSIM, although … Read More

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Air Travel

3 Reasons to opt For eSIMs for travel over Sim Cards

While traveling for business or leisure purposes, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by what you need to track. Things like flights, hotel booking, airport transport, the in-destination activities you have planned—all of these are just examples of the myriad … Read More

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IoT and eSIM

5 Reasons Your IoT Project Needs an eSIM

The growth and development of technology are undeniable, so it only makes sense that your IoT projects ride the same wave. And one of the most influential and convenient software your IoT project needs is eSIMs. SIM cards and eSIMs … Read More

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SIM vs eSIM vs iSIM

Wireless Connectivity: from SIM cards to eSIM to iSIM

Mobile devices are now deeply integrated into everyday life—from connecting with family, friends, and business associates to listening to music and storing data to conducting different forms of activities. Undoubtedly, smartphones have evolved from being a novelty to a necessity … Read More

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