Celitech secured global connectivity in over 200 countries

Hollywood cellular data service Celitech

Santa Clarita, Jan. 28, 2019: After testing in the US, EU, and the UK, Celitech Inc. executed global connectivity agreement(s) securing access to more than 400 networks in over 200 countries.

"After a year of R&D and testing, we are glad to secure our first global connectivity, mostly on Tier 1, LTE networks." commented Ahmad Al Fares, CEO of Celitech. 

Al added: "From day one our promise was to deliver a fully-digital mobile data service at great value and with unparalleled user experience; today we stay laser-focused on delivering on that promise. The Cloud and eSIM have been enabling us to be hyper-relevant to int’l travelers & certain IoT applications and to develop new digital features that were never possible 2 years back. We are currently initiating a couple proof-of-concepts and expect to go live around July starting in about 60 countries."