Celitech partners with IDEMIA for RSP

Celitech eSIM cellular data service live in Los Angeles Dodger stadium

Santa Clarita, June 25, 2019 — Celitech, the world’s 1st digital-only connectivity platform, selected IDEMIA’s Smart Connect for Remote SIM provisioning (RSP) for eSIM-enabled consumer devices. The integration kicked off at Celitech office in Santa Clarita and is expected to finish in July. Smart Connect enables Celitech to securely & remotely provision compatible devices with eSIM profiles, allowing fully digital connectivity to cellular networks without the need to replace physical SIM cards.


Celitech works with leading travel service providers to offer international travelers affordable & on-demand cellular data. In an “always-connected” world, Celitech’s data packages immensely enhance the traveler journey and enable new experiences while away from home.


IDEMIA is the global leader in augmented identity for an increasingly digital world. In the US and over 180 countries, IDEMIA is a leading provider of digital identity, empowering consumers to pay, connect and travel in ways that are now possible in a connected environment.

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