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This page includes a variety of technology-related articles that Celitech contributes to, as published by Forbes. 14 ‘Smart City’ Tech Features That Will Soon Change Urban Centers 14 Tech Experts Explain How To Successfully Adopt ‘Zero Trust’ 16 Tech Trends That … Read More

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Embedded SIM “eSIM” Myths

As a new technology embedded in recent mobile phones*, tablets, laptops** and a variety of smart devices, embedded SIM (eSIM) is a powerful feature allowing consumers to stay connected in a variety of flexible and affordable ways. The emerging feature … Read More

Free text and call apps

Free text apps (burner apps)

Free text and talk apps – also referred to as “Burner” apps or Burner phone apps – have been gaining popularity in the past few years for different reasons. In this article we look into free text apps and how … Read More