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We empower your business with cellular data eSIM.

As the world's 1st digital-only cellular data platform, Celitech enables businesses and apps to offer eSIM service and better engage with customers and employees while generating new revenues.

Cellular Data eSIM API - Celitech

Powerful + Simple

Named as the "Overall Wireless Broadband Solution of the Year", Celitech API is easy to deploy, offering affordable and convenient eSIM service coupled with value-added mobile analytics.

Deploy fast - Celitech eSIM Platform
Easy SETup

Deploy in few days

Celitech enables web and mobile apps to add cellular data eSIMs in few days and better engage with mobile customers whether locally or globally.


Activate with QR codes

Celitech service can be activated on eSIM-enabled devices using secure QR or activation codes. Such devices include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables.

Activate with QR codes - Celitech eSIM Platform
Adapt to your use case - Celitech eSIM Platform
Programmable & Affordable

Adapt it to your use case

Celitech proprietary API enables companies to adapt cellular data e-SIMs to any use case and generate mobile analytics that support their online business or app.

Main Features

Highly secure, US-hosted eSIMs with 20-digit codes

Tier 1 Networks including AT&T, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange

Programmable eSIM providing mobile data & multi-tier analytics 

SOC 2 Compliant platform with 24×7 support

What our customers are saying:

"Great service that makes it seamless to connect around the world with a reliable and cost effective data service compared to the regular roaming rates ."
MS Image
Michael S.
Managing Director
"It was super easy to get started. I love how the it can be used not only within the US but also globally."
SG image
Suruchi G.
Chief Executive
"Great service for seamlessly obtaining mobile data especially while traveling, at decent rates. Very easy to purchase and to activate."
TS image
Tarek S.
Vice President

Media & Awards

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