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eSIMs can be shipped either with a removable SIM card or with a built-in chip. Because of the flexibility of e-SIMs, they can be managed and deployed without much hassle.

Traditional SIM cards were owned and issued by specific operators, but eSIMs offer new ways of managing and deploying wireless services without directly connecting to any specific network.

In this guide, we’ll go over some interesting things you should know about eSIMs.

1) eSIMs Are Reprogrammable

Once an eSIM is activated, it is able to be reprogrammed or activated on different networks. This means that if you want to move your plan or service over, they can easily move with you. Most e-SIMs allow you to program them through an app, through an online portal, or by downloading a carrier’s profile.

This gives users the flexibility to choose or change plans, or even to activate or deactivate their line on a plan with ease.

2) eSIMs Are Completely Secure

eSIMs have no physical presence, which means they are unable to be inserted or removed using a physical device. This is for a few reasons. One being that the eSIM uses a digital identity rather than a digital signature to operate. This means that it will only operate when properly authenticated and activated.

This also means that eSIMs can be activated without a physical connection and tied to your device. Since eSIMs are not tied to a physical device, they are also considered to be more secure, as they are not vulnerable to theft or manipulation.

3) eSIMs Take Up Less Space

With eSIMs, you’re able to accomplish everything you can also do with a physical SIM card. They allow you to easily activate your service on a network and to quickly switch between networks.

They are also smaller than regular SIM cards, which means they won’t take up as much space in your phone. This is especially important since the size of mobile phones is much smaller than it used to be before smartphones.

4) eSIMs Will Get Better With 5G

e-SIM carriers are already preparing for 5G networks. This is because 5G networks will not only provide faster speeds and better connectivity, but because of the expected increase in demand for mobile services, physical SIM cards will no longer work.

As 5G networks roll out, the number of eSIMs will grow and the use of physical SIM cards will decline. This can be good news for people who are looking to upgrade their phones, as they won’t have to worry about changing their SIM card or switching out their SIM card in their phone.

5) The eSIM Market Is Growing

The e-SIM market has been growing exponentially as we speak. This is because of the fact that eSIMs allow carriers to move faster and to accomplish more with a smaller network infrastructure.

With eSIMs, people will be able to streamline the way they use their phones, as e-SIMs will not require them to physically swap out their SIM card on their phone.


eSIMs are quickly growing in popularity and are expected to significantly impact the way people use their phones. With the ability to switch between network plans with the click of a button, people are able to change the way they plan or manage their phone or mobile device.

If you want to try out an eSIM service for your company, Celitech can help. We offer the best eSIM service in the industry. Get in touch with us to learn how.

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