Our eSIM platform boosts your customer engagement, generating up to 5x ROI.

Whether you utilize web or mobile apps or have no online presence, Celitech wireless eSIM API ("Bee") enables your business to offer cellular data eSIMs and better engage with customers and employees, whether locally or globally.

Celitech eSIM API

Create eSIMs with one-time or recurring data plans

Celitech eSIM API (proprietary)

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Sample Use Cases

Marketing Services

E.g. for customer acquisition, loyalty programs or digital marketing perks

Back-up Connectivity

E.g. to offer redundant cellular data for critical apps and remote work

International Travel

E.g. to upsell in-destination services and help customers save big on roaming

VoIP & OTT Apps

E.g. to complement services provided by VoIP and over-the-top apps

Multi-Device Services

E.g. to offer on-demand connectivity for tablets, laptops, and wearables

Mobile Analytics

E.g. to gain valuable device analytics and mobile engagement insights

Celitech Platform Features

Highly secure, US-hosted eSIMs with 20-digit codes

Utilize top networks like AT&T, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange

Programmable mobile data eSIM with multi-tier analytics 

SOC-2 compliant, offering API + dashboard and 24×7 support

Offer your own “branded” eSIM service to amplify your marketing

“Overall Wireless Broadband Solution of the Year” for 2019 & 2020

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Add wireless data eSIM to your offering

Celitech offers a wireless eSIM API to a wide variety of web and mobile apps to enable programmable bundling of cellular data with other online services. Get started today to improve your mobile reach and engagement.