Our eSIM API enables online products to go farther. 🚀

Whether you utilize web or mobile apps, Celitech wireless eSIM API ("Bee") enables your business to offer cellular data eSIMs and better serve mobile customers both locally & globally.

Celitech eSIM API

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Use Cases

Marketing Services

E.g. for customer acquisition, loyalty programs or digital marketing perks

Back-up Connectivity

E.g. to offer redundant cellular data for critical apps and remote work

International Travel

E.g. to upsell in-destination services and help customers save big on roaming

VoIP & OTT Apps

E.g. to complement services provided by VoIP and over-the-top apps

Multi-Device Services

E.g. to offer on-demand connectivity for tablets, laptops, and wearables

Mobile Analytics

E.g. to gain valuable device analytics and mobile engagement insights

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Platform Features

Highly secure, US-hosted eSIMs with 20-digit codes

Tier 1 Networks including AT&T, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange

Programmable eSIM providing mobile data & multi-tier analytics 

SOC 2 Compliant platform with 24×7 support

“Overall Wireless Broadband Solution of the Year”

Add wireless data eSIM to your offering

Celitech offers a wireless eSIM API to a wide variety of web and mobile apps to enable programmable bundling of cellular data with other online services. Get started today to improve your mobile reach and engagement.