How eSIM API’s benefit businesses

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It is mind-boggling that today’s smartphones have more processing power than the computer onboard the Apollo 11. Your handheld device has a more powerful computer than the machine that facilitated the moon landing! That processing power goes to enabling the various conveniences that phones bring, like the eSIM API. The recent Apple, Google, Samsung, and Motorola devices already use eSIM cards. These cards are among the first steps towards a fully integrated and realized Internet of Things (IoT). Here are things people should know about using eSIM cards.

How eSIM Cards Work

An eSIM card or ‘Embedded Subscriber Identity Module card’ is the embedded equivalent of the SIM card that phones have used since the 1990s. If your device uses an eSIM, you cannot remove it; you can only reprogram it to adapt to a different provider. Once programmed, an eSIM can enable to connect to cellular data and wireless networks to connect to the internet.

People don’t often think of a device’s SIM card and its capabilities. Even more so for eSIM cards since they are not physical pieces of plastic. Also, because gadgets with eSIM cards only have one physical slot for a SIM, they can qualify as a single-SIM device! Despite most people not knowing a lot about eSIMs or eSIM API’s, however, their popularity signals mobile’s future. Phone users appreciate the convenience of switching wireless providers, and tech companies are exploring the benefits of permanently doing away with the physical SIM slot. Already, some studies show that eSIM cards make devices less prone to damage and extend battery life. Here are even more reasons why you should use eSIM cards.

Advantages of Using eSIM Cards

Using an eSIM card provides various advantages to the device owner. In particular iPhone owners benefit from having an eSIM because it enables them to have dual SIM functionality on a single-card iPhone. If you own an eSIM, you can have two wireless plans on one device. This functionality is especially valuable to people who need a second phone number or data plan for business purposes or for travel.

Furthermore, eSIM API’s and eSIMs are reprogrammable. Device owners who want to shift to a different wireless provider do not need to switch out their plastic card. As long as you have an unlocked phone, you can activate an eSIM quite easily. All you need is a QR code or an activation code from the provider to program the eSIM on the device.

Devices with eSIMs can also provide mobile analytics for businesses. Besides cellular connectivity, electronic SIM cards allow businesses to target and serve their customers better. For instance, if a customer has a specific type of device, companies can use that as an indicator of the customer’s purchasing power. A user with an iPhone 12 Pro, for instance, might be more willing to pay for premium services compared to one with an iPhone SE or Google Pixel 3.

Concluding remarks

Electronic SIM cards and eSIM APIs bring a lot of convenience to businesses. eSIM capabilities also form the foundation for even more connectivity in the future. Beyond providing convenience to individual users, businesses can leverage eSIM bundling when formulating mobile marketing and sales strategies.

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