How eSIM Can Help Your Business

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Perhaps the first thing you think of when you hear the word “sim” is that it’s a piece of hardware that you put into your phone and gives you wireless service for your business or personal use. While this is true, you’d be happy to know that, thanks to technological advancements, the physical version is now being replaced by a digital version called the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module or the eSIM.

Even if you’re hearing this for the first time or you’re curious about it, you should know that the eSIM is taking the business world by storm and unlocking a variety of potential opportunities.

So, if you’re wondering if an eSIM is better than a physical sim and if you’re thinking of integrating this into your company, read on. In this article, we’ll share what eSIMs are and how they’re transforming the business landscape.

What is an eSIM?

The eSIM is exactly what its name suggests—a SIM embedded in a smartphone that can be connected to a cellular network without using a SIM card. The eSIM is usually paired with the phone’s hardware, which means that it can be remotely updated without the need for physical access to the phone. eSIM simply helps mobile users to activate cellular plans using QR codes or activation codes.

How Can an eSIM Help My Business?

  • You Get to Have Two Plans: One of the biggest issues that several business owners have with their phones is that they only have one line—a line that can be used for business and personal use, even if this is against company policies. Thankfully, an eSIM can solve this problem. Even if you get an eSIM, you can have two or more phone plans for personal, business, and/or travel.

  • You Can Easily Change Networks: Regardless of which network you prefer, it’s always better to have options and be able to move from one network to another, especially if you only want to use the eSIM for a short period of time.

  • You Can Have Different Sims: If you’re thinking of integrating the eSIM in your company, you can actually have an eSIM for different projects. This way, if you’re working on a project that requires a particular data plan, you can easily switch to your eSIM from your physical sim.

Is an eSIM a Great Option for My Business?

If you’re looking to add more flexibility and convenience to your business, getting an eSIM is a fantastic option. The added flexibility that eSIMs offer is a great tool for any business. It allows you to have separate wireless plans for your business and personal use, especially that it’s now available in a wide variety of devices from smartphones to tablets to laptops.

Aside from the added convenience that an eSIM offers your business, it also has many other benefits. For instance, you can easily move to a different network. If you’re contracting a project in a different area, you can easily switch your eSIM with the best service.

The Bottom Line: Consider Getting an eSIM for Your Business

If you’re thinking of changing to or adding an eSIM in your business, you should know that it’s a great opportunity for you and your business. eSIMs are becoming more and more common and can be a great option for your business. Even if you want to offer it to your customers to improve mobile engagement and up-sales, eSIM can be handy to be bundled with travel-related online products, service or apps.

How Can We Help You?

Celitech is a leading digital-only connectivity platform that offers global cellular data through web apps and API. So, if you’re looking for the best eSIM service for your company, reach out to us today!

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