How to Avoid Roaming Charges While Staying Connected

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We live in the digital age where you can get an internet connection wherever you may be. The problem is when you leave your country and find out that it simply doesn’t work that way anymore.

Business travels may have taken a temporary halt last year due to the pandemic, but the revenue is still huge as people wanted to travel more for leisure. Even with all the growing importance of connectivity, most travelers service is not that good when abroad, with speed and stability that seems to come from the early years of WiFi.

So, how do you get the most of your data connection while avoiding sky-high roaming charges? From using local WiFi to getting the best eSIM service, here are some tips that can certainly help you.

How to Avoid High Data Roaming Charges

Take Advantage of WiFi

Using WiFi is the best way to avoid high data roaming charges, especially if you use your mobile phone as a hotspot. With WiFi, you can get cheap though less secure connectivity.

However, you must make sure that you have a decent connection with a strong signal and available capacity.

Avoid Using Your Mobile Phone Excessively

If you are using your phone all the time, it only means that your phone is constantly communicating with the network. If you are browsing the internet abroad, you may be exposed to high roaming charges without knowing about it while it happens.

Ideally, you can avoid excessively using your phone. You can turn off your phone by switching it off when you are not using it or turning off mobile data.

Bring a Travel Modem With You

If your plan allows it, you can use a travel modem or a Mi-Fi. A travel modem or Mi-Fi is a portable modem or router. You can use it to connect to the internet or share it with other devices without using your mobile phone.

Travel modems and Mi-Fi routers have several advantages compared to using cellular data service for the internet that include:

  • Ability to share the connection with multiple devices
  • No need to look for open WiFi connection
  • Ability to stay connected at all times
  • And the most important benefit is that you will save lots of money by not paying roaming charges.

Travel modems are not just limited to physical modems. It can also be a combination of software and device like a Mi-Fi mobile router. It is beneficial especially if your mobile device is not capable of tethering.

Use a Local SIM

You don’t have to use your carrier’s roaming service to access the local network. You can purchase a local SIM card instead. This will allow you to connect to local networks and use the regional carrier’s data services.

Using a local SIM can help you avoid roaming charges. But you have to make sure that it is possible to purchase a local SIM card in that region. You also have to verify that the local SIM you will be using will work on your device.

Use an eSIM

Another excellent solution is to use an eSIM-enabled device (like all iPhones released since 2018). With an eSIM, you can conveniently switch between your accounts just through the settings instead of having to remove and put back physical SIM cards.

Also, you can get your eSIM totally online through a QR code. You won’t have to waste time on visiting a shop, or going through the hassle of switching SIM cards. It is as simple as scanning the eSIM QR code.


The tips provided above can help you avoid data roaming charges by using better alternatives. However, it would be best to remember that you can still get charged while using these tips. Make sure to check your carrier’s policy regarding roaming charges to completely avoid them. You should also make sure that you are choosing a mobile data service that you can rely on.

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