iPhone 13 Problems: 4 Things You Need to Know

iPhone 13

Some problems are already appearing for new iPhone 13 users. The iPhone 13, the latest in the iOS line, has launched at last, but some bugs and performance issues seem inevitable.

Some issues are minor and not widespread. They include connectivity and performance hiccups. The Apple Support page lists the most common issues and possible fixes.

Below, we’ve listed the most common issues and potential remedies. If none of the solutions works for you, check out the feedback about iPhone 13 performance already in Neowin’s forums. We’ve also included a look at what’s in the iOS 15 pipeline for these phones.

1. iPhone 13 Activation Issues

Some users are reporting activation issues with their new iPhone 13. A bug in the activation process causes this. The phone seems to be asking for an Apple ID that was not used for the initial activation.

When you get your iPhone 13, the activation process takes place. It’s best to shut down all other apps and watch them closely. The device should complete activation within about 30 seconds.

Some users have found that the phone is stuck in the activation process with a spinning wheel, and it just won’t complete. The device seems in a constant loop of asking for an Apple ID which was not used for initial activation. Note that this account should have been used for activation, but you don’t need to be logged in with it when you do the initial activation.

The fix is to restore to factory settings. After that, you can set up the phone using the original Apple ID used for activation.

2. iPhone 13 Issues with Excessive Battery Drain

Some users are reporting excessive battery drain on the new iPhone 13. This can be a real pain because it happens when you don’t need it. This battery drain seems to happen when you aren’t using the phone very much. This can happen when it’s in your pocket, and it just seems to drain.

The fix that seems to work is to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can then turn them on again. Of course, you don’t need to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you’re using them.

Once last thing you can also try is going to your phone Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh and making sure it’s only running on “Wi-Fi” instead of “Wi-Fi & Cellular Data”. This can help you save on battery life when you’re out, i.e. away from your home or office Wi-Fi.

3. iPhone 13 Pink Screen Issues

There have been some reports of pink screens on the new iPhone 13. This seems to be occurring on phones getting a lot of use.

This seems to be due to a problem with the liquid crystals, which are a bit cold, as the phone is about to go into sleep mode. When the screen changes to black, you’ll see a faint pink hue for about a second. Some users can worry, but it doesn’t seem to be a real issue.

4. iPhone 13 Software Problems

Some users have reported that their new iPhone 13 has developed software issues, including random freezing. These problems are not widespread, but they are being reported.

The fixes that have been circulating on the internet include a hard reset. If this happens, you should try a hard reset. The problem is that this may not work, but it’s worth a try before you go to Apple store.


The iPhone 13 is a great new buy. For some users, there are some problems. You may have trouble with activation processes, or issues with battery drain. This last one can be a real pain, as it happens at the least convenient times. And in case you have some problems with the software, these will most likely be fixed by an iOS update.

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