Celitech Privacy Policy

Celitech (“Celitech” or “we”) takes very seriously the privacy of its service users (“user”, “account holder”, or “you”). Our Privacy Policy spans how Celitech collects, utilizes, and shares information in connection with your access and use of Celitech services (“Services”).

Collected Information

We collect information & data from our users to provide user-friendly services. We mainly collect information directly and indirectly. Directly we collect the information the user inputs when signing up for Celitech service (like e-mail and billing info). Indirectly we collect data from consumption of Celitech service (e.g. to notify you with the service remaining balance), and such data may also include items like device information, location info, user ID numbers and server logs & cookies among other items.

Data Shared with Third-parties

To effectively provision its services, Celitech may share content with third-parties (like Google, Amazon, Apple or Microsoft) and may give the user the option to link their account to such third-party providers. Celitech is not responsible for the privacy policies of third-parties that the user may consider using, and the user shall separately check such third-party’s privacy policies for consideration.

Celitech may share your information with third-parties who are a service provider that support and enable Celitech services. This is necessary to deliver Celitech services and improve such services.

As part of Celitech services, you may be able to review or give your feedback or other content publicly which may include your personal information and Celitech may use such publicly available information.

In case Celitech goes through a corporate change such as restructuring, sale or transfer of assets or control, Celitech may transfer user information to the involved third-parties and will notify its users accordingly (e.g. via a public announcement). And whenever it is appropriate or required by applicable laws, Celitech may release user information to the relevant government body or court.

And as a US corporation, Celitech may need to transfer user information to other service providers in countries outside the European Union (EU), especially as such providers might be based outside the EU and in case the user is utilizing our services in countries outside the EU. Celitech preserves its right to share user’s non-personal data for marketing or other business-related purposes.

Celitech uses cookies (whether our own or third-party cookies) to effectively provision its services and better learn about its users’ preferences to continuously enhance the user experience. Cookies may also be used to track advertisements & user interactions with ads and to compile aggregate data about services offered via our website and/or app. The user can opt out of such cookies using the web browser settings (or tools like opt-out browser add-on) and/or device settings.

Data Usage

The data collected by Celitech helps us to offer the user a better experience (e.g. auto login or e-payment) while keeping the user posted on our latest offerings and updates. If the user doesn’t want to be on Celitech’s e-mailing list, an “unsubscribe” option will be always available for users who may want to opt out. The main areas in which we utilize user data or information are to:

  • Enable the user to create an account and subscribe for our services
  • Facilitate user transactions and e-payment
  • Help Celitech develop and improve its services for better user experience and higher standards
  • Share latest updates, offers or essential notices relevant to the user

Celitech stores user data for as long as permitted by law or for a reasonable amount of time in the absence of regulation. For further details you may also refer to our Service Terms.

Online Privacy Protection

Celitech strives to comply with best practices of online privacy, and with the Online Privacy Protection Act of California and the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU. Celitech complies with local laws in every country covered by its services.

Celitech preserves its right to reasonably change the terms of this Privacy Policy. Users can always:

  • Opt-out from Celitech communications by using the “Unsubscribe” options included at the bottom of every e-mail.
  • Request the full deletion of their accounts (“right to be forgotten”) by sending a request to: info@celitech.com