Upgrading Business Calls with a Virtual Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers

A virtual phone number is a phone number linked to a customer. It can be routed to any internet-enabled device, such as a laptop, cellphone, or tablet.

One of its handy features is that you can change the device but keep the same number. It’s great for businesses that handle customers and vendors all the time.

Essentially, you can change your phone system without any disruption to your business operations and services. With that said, here are some reasons why you should upgrade to a virtual phone number:

  1. It’s More Convenient

Instead of keeping track of business cards with all your phone numbers, you can simply send out a virtual phone number. Instead of watering down your existing business number with everyone you know, you can then repurpose that number for your personal use.

  1. It’s Cheaper

Virtual phone numbers are charged per minute, and there’s no need for a separate business line and phone.

  1. It Saves Money

With a virtual number, you can make long-distance calls at local rates. You can also make calls with a local number at a local rate, even if your number is located far away.

  1. It Keeps Your Personal and Business Separate

You can set up a virtual number that keeps your business separate from your personal one. If you’re a doctor, you can have a business number and a business email. This way, when patients call, they won’t have to deal with your family members.

  1. It’s reliable

A virtual phone number is always available because it’s linked to a device. In case your phone line goes down, you can still conduct business.

  1. It’s easy to upgrade

All you have to do is upgrade your subscription when you need more features.

How to Choose a Virtual Number Provider

There are a lot of virtual number providers and applications in the market today. If you’re looking for a reliable provider, here are some tips that can help you choose:

  • Make Sure It’s Global

While you may only need a US-based virtual phone number, it can be complicated if you already have a business in the US. What if you want to expand your business internationally? A global virtual number can make it easier for you to do business internationally.

  • Go for Volume

If you want to host live events, you need volume. You can’t be running out of minutes, or you can’t transfer calls with low volume. If you’re running a business that requires you to make many calls every day, you need a virtual phone number that gives you unlimited voice and text.

  • Check Reviews

It’s also good to check reviews to see what other people are saying about their service. It’s also essential to compare plans to see what providers offer. You can look at 300 numbers, unlimited minutes, volume, and more.

  • Get a Virtual Phone Number That’s Reliable

You wouldn’t want your virtual phone number to be the cause of frustration. Also, if you’re hosting events, you need a virtual phone number that can handle the traffic well.


If you want to upgrade your business calls, it’s best to look for a reliable virtual phone number provider. You can start by checking with international virtual number providers.

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