Using Wireless eSIM Platforms for Back-Up Connectivity

Backup Connectivity

The internet is the defining feature of the 21st century, with most corporate and societal infrastructure built upon wireless connectivity. Everywhere you go, you will see people connected via wireless data and other cellular data platforms to access various websites, mobile applications, and online services. No matter what anyone says, the world cannot live without the online sphere and back-up connectivity eSIM is the new “insurance” to stay functional.

So, what happens when there is a network failure, and there are mass disconnections from people on Wi-Fi or cellular data platforms? There will most likely be a disruption in how society runs because of the heavy reliance on the internet, making it a requirement to stay connected and updated. Internet failures are always possible, as online networks can be unstable in certain instances, which make back-up wireless connectivity a must-have.

Businesses Need to Prepare for Internet Failovers

The global economy is built upon the internet’s infrastructure, where people can reach a level of connectivity through globalization. The reason why global trade and commerce are streamlined is because of wireless communications that make transactions much easier. In business, losing even half an hour of connectivity to the internet can cause thousands of dollars in lost revenue while harming customer satisfaction.

Nowadays, there is no time to deal with dropped connections, which is where back-up connectivity comes in via eSIM technologies. Secondary connections are the game-changer in staying linked online in any event of internet failovers, with both 4G and 5G networks being more powerful today. With the world shifting to 5G mobile data and other wireless data platforms that are more reliable, businesses have a safety net in any case of a downed network.

Learning About Network Failovers from Mobile Devices

Mobile devices like smartphones have been using back-up connections for years. With mobile signals not always being the same strength in specific areas, fast switching to Wi-Fi networks while at home or office always ensured seamless connectivity. This feature serves as the back-up for smartphones, wherein the device will automatically connect to the stronger network whenever possible. While this feature is good for indoor transition to Wi-Fi when you have it at home, outdoor failover to a redundant network is not available. Thanks to eSIM, now mobile users and businesses can use eSIM connectivity to have a second redundant cellular network in case their primary network service went down or was not available. This is especially handy in crowded or remote areas where certain cellular networks don’t have service or coverage. Even at home, with increasing remote work and critical applications like telehealth and online education, Wi-Fi is becoming less reliable and eSIM can provide backup connectivity option. This is even more relevant to devices that do not have cellular data plans like tablets and laptops.

Why Industries Need Back-Up Connectivity

Almost all industries nowadays utilize wireless platforms and various applications and API’s to operate. The biggest one now that requires a stable network is the healthcare industry, as many files and records are now stored online while most appointments happen over video calls. Losing connection in a hospital setting can damage the way equipment functions and how staff conduct appointments and billing, leading to losses of life and revenue.

Transportation is also a prime user of cellular data, as ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft heavily rely on real-time wireless data use to function. Without a stable network, passengers cannot book or modify their bookings because of the lack of network connectivity.

Finance is another heavy user of the internet, as most banking, stock market operations, and other financial services are done online. Having a weak connection to the internet puts businesses involved in fintech at risk, especially banks, because of how people rely on online transactions.

Final Remarks

The internet is becoming more essential than ever. Any instances of online failures and disconnections can prove costly for various industries. However, with an excellent back-up cellular data network put to the test by eSIM technologies, there is potential for connectivity to remain stable and consistent. The next step is to further implement and deploy such eSIM safety net technologies by businesses and users. Based on a survey conducted by Ericsson covering 5,000 mobile users in the US & Europe representing more than 250 million users, back-up connectivity is cited as the second most important attribute of eSIM.

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