What’s an eSIM and How Is It Better Than Traditional SIM

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What exactly is an eSIM, and is it any better than the traditional SIM card? These are the two questions you will have in your head when you come across the new SIM technology. From the name alone, you might guess that eSIM is a digital SIM that does not have a physical card. If you thought that, you’d be somewhat right. An eSIM isn’t a card much like the traditional SIM card is. An eSIM is instead embedded right into the phone and is a lot tinier.

Did that explanation spark interest in you? If so, keep on reading to learn more about eSIMs and how they will overtake the traditional sim cards.

What Exactly Is an eSIM?

As mentioned, an eSIM is like a SIM card, but rather being in card form, it is embedded right into the phone’s motherboard that connects the phone to mobile networks. There’s no insertion or removal here, as the phone has a SIM built right into it. Now, this begs the question: how do you connect to mobile networks, and what must you do if you want to “switch” as you would a physical SIM card. Well, that’s where the benefits of SIM cards come in and many more!

How Are eSIMs Better Than Traditional SIM Cards?

The most significant benefit to eSIMs is the fact that it is a tiny implementation to the phone. This allows phones to implement other things like bigger batteries, a smaller form factor, and such, making designing a phone much easier for manufacturers. Now, for the users themselves, there are many benefits to be enjoyed from eSIMs.

As mentioned earlier, there is no need for the removal and insertion of SIM cards. The SIM is already found inside, so there’s no worry of losing the SIM card, let alone the paperclip used to open that SIM card compartment. Another benefit of using eSIM is that it offers many phones that support eSIM offers dual SIM capabilities. This means you can carry more than a single number for various purposes, such as having a separate work number and a personal number. Finally, eSIMs allow you to switch mobile networks with ease, such as opting for a new profile when you arrive in a new country or simply switching the profiles you have right now to bring you better connections. This eliminates the need to go around buying a new SIM card and then having to fiddle around trying to get it in the phone.


While eSIM has been around for some time, it only has recently been adopted by a select few phones. Regardless, the benefits of eSIM are immediate, and those looking to enjoy the new technology can opt for such phones. That being said, eSIM technology is only going to improve, meaning that as the months go by, eSIM is only going to get better! Devices will get smaller, more powerful, more portable, and much easier to use. Sooner or later, eSIM will reach other markets, such as laptops, smartwatches, and the like, and it has begun. Having SIMs built into such devices has made the lives of many so convenient. Nothing beats being able to sit down anywhere with a mobile connection and access the internet, all thanks to the built-in eSIM.

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