3 Reasons to opt For eSIMs for travel over Sim Cards

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While traveling for business or leisure purposes, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by what you need to track. Things like flights, hotel booking, airport transport, the in-destination activities you have planned—all of these are just examples of the myriad of things you need to be responsible for. Unfortunately, all of these things are made worse when you do not have a good internet connection. Sure, you can rely on free internet from coffee shops, but you need to rely on mobile data when there’s none. As your home service provider roaming fees are high in the country you’re in, you may need to end up buying a new SIM card in destination which is not convenient. All of these translate into unnecessary costs and headaches that a simple solution can easily eliminate: the eSIM. Today, we’re going to talk about the eSIM and tell you exactly why it is so much better than a traditional SIM card.

1. It Saves Time

If you’ve often traveled before, you understand the hassle of having to go to a booth somewhere to purchase a SIM card to access the internet in the new country you’re in. While some phones may allow for two SIMs at any time, it is still a hassle to work with. eSIMs for travel eliminates this issue by allowing you to switch profiles without having to open up your phone at all. This means wherever you are, you can pick the right profile to access the internet and more the moment you arrive at your destination.

2. It Reduces Costs

While some places may offer super cheap SIM cards you have no problem buying, other places sell them for an excruciatingly high price. Regardless, whether it is cheap or expensive, you need to be spending money you could have spent on other things. eSIMs for travel help you by allowing you to switch profiles once again and pick an optimal plan for your needs. This eliminates the risk of being extorted out of your money for a physical SIM card, and eSIMs themselves are usually competitive in terms of pricing for the region you are in.

3. It Removes Restrictions

While offering international and continental plans on their offerings, many providers limit them quite heftily, not to mention price them incredibly high. Plus, you get services you may not need, adding to the hassle. ESIMs fix this problem by offering the flexibility of allowing you to pick the plan that you need at competitive price points. These packages can revolve around regional, international, and even continental packages to meet your needs.


Sometimes, the one big reason you may want an eSIM is simply because a SIM card can be easily lost. This headache may simply be the reason to opt for an eSIM! Regardless, if any of the above benefits are benefits you want to enjoy on your trip, then opt for eSIM. They will solve a lot of the pain points you have as a traveler, some of which you may not even realize are pain points in the first place until you are freed from it. Anything from opening up your phone to quickly finding a local 5-star restaurant to quickly booking a taxi ride to head to the airport is all made easy with an eSIM. No more do you have to worry about getting an internet connection every time you travel to a new place. With an eSIM, you simply have to pick a plan, and you’re good to go.

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