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The technological landscape is evolving at a breakneck pace, with the Internet of Things or IoT being one of the fastest-growing areas whether for industrial or consumer usage. Embedded SIM cards, known as eSIMs, are vital in feature in internet-connected smart devices providing mobile connectivity for an incredible range of applications, such as smart thermostats all the way to wearable technology. While you may know SIMs as small plastic cards used for mobile phones, eSIM cards are built into the device to equip it with digital connectivity, allowing you to switch to a cellular network using QR codes.

eSIMs essentially transform devices and can translate to incredible results for businesses, particularly when leveraged properly. Here’s what you need to know about eSIMs and how they can benefit your business.

How It Simplifies Your Operations

If your business uses various internet-connected smart technologies or your workforce uses smart devices on the job, then you’ll need to guarantee reliable connectivity to cellular networks to ensure they function appropriately. Such systems and devices are crucial for businesses like logistics, construction, manufacturing, and others that manage complex supply chains since they automate various processes and try to reduce costs.

For instance, eSIMs help companies cut down physical delivery costs as they can be delivered online using QR or activation codes. eSIMs are also incredibly durable, which means you don’t have to worry about spending money on several replacements. Additionally, eSIM can equip devices with multiple plans and various network options (e.g., for crowded and remote environments), ensuring a robust and redundant connection.

The Adoption Rates of eSIM Technologies

eSIMs are relatively new because they entered the market just a few years ago, although experts expect that shipments of eSIM-capable devices will reach nearly two billion units by 2025. Apple is one of the first to offer eSIM connectivity in its iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch series since 2018. Numerous Android and windows devices like smartwatches, mobiles, laptops also provide eSIM compatibility. Many car manufacturers have also begun incorporating eSIM technology in their current and future releases.

Some areas of the world, such as Asia, have yet to adopt eSIM en masse. However, Apple’s total adoption of the technology into its products – followed by Samsung & Huawei – implies that the rest of the industry will soon follow. Many companies in the B2B sector have already begun encouraging eSIM adoption by creating new solutions for sectors like oil & gas, construction, automotive, and smart cities.

Industries That Benefit from eSIM Technologies

Many industries and businesses can benefit from embedded SIM tech. Travel companies can offer it to their travelers to enable them to stay connected and save on mobile data and data roaming bill. Construction and logistics companies can offer as new work perk to their employees and possibly link it to operation KPI’s. While the employees would save on their mobile bills, the companies providing the eSIM can benefit from improved employee engagement and workforce optimization.

The automotive industry has also benefitted from eSIM technology so far. For example, car manufacturers can now make use of eCall technology. Through this, the in-vehicle safety system alerts emergency services and sends them the GPS location information when a car crash occurs. The transport industry can leverage eSIM technologies to improve asset and fleet-tracking systems, enabling back-office employees to monitor vehicles and cargo using current GPS location information. The healthcare sector can utilize wearable technology to streamline facility administration and operations. These are just a few of the benefits that eSIM technologies offer businesses.


Whether for consumer or industrial use cases, IoT is helping a variety of businesses to utilize digital connectivity in new innovative ways, making eSIM a necessity to better engage with employees or customers, and to streamline business operations. With devices getting more sophisticated and cellular networks becoming more advanced, businesses need software-based embedded SIM technology now more than ever to take advantage of the IoT revolution.

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