eSIM eBook cover

eSIM eBook – The ultimate guide to embedded SIM technology

Are you interested to learn about Embedded SIM (eSIM) and how it can help your business or app? In this brief eSIM eBook we introduce the eSIM technology and cover its most relevant aspects including: eSIM features and adoption Consumer … Read More

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Celitech eSIM API

eSIM and a new generation of wireless API’s

Connectivity is becoming a critical necessity of our day-to-day life. The need to be always connected has been amplified by COVID-19. Whether it is remote work, telehealth, online education, mobile banking, or online shopping, most human activities today are happening … Read More

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API security

Four Security Policies Your APIs Should Have

Reinforcing your APIs’ security is always a top priority, although many developers tend to ignore some of the crucial security measures in favor of authentication and authorization. While these two are essential security policies, other security provisions require just as … Read More

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A brief Guide to SaaS API Solutions

The modern times have paved the way for various technological innovations like SaaS API’s to rise, prompting a paradigm shift of landscapes. Technological advancements essentially encompass a variety of industries, all of which are benefiting in terms of profit, growth, … Read More

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virtual numbers

Understanding Virtual Phone Numbers and Their Benefits

Most people get mobile service by signing up for a phone plan with a carrier. The carrier then provides mobile users with a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) while mobile users mostly bring their own device or smartphone. Many people do … Read More

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Digital Divide

How eSIM will minimize the digital divide

The digital divide is effectively the gap that exists between people who are able to benefit from the internet (e.g. for higher productivity, remote work, online education, etc.) and those who are not. Today over 49% of households globally 25% … Read More

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lobal Connectivity eSIM_Celitech

Mobile data API’s, eSIM and the Future of Connectivity

With wireless connectivity finding its way into all aspects of life, it has become unstoppable in terms of the endless capabilities it offers to mobile users, thanks to technological innovation and the app ecosystem. Smartphones are getting more advanced and … Read More

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5G Network

eSIM and 5G – the future of wireless

With the recent announcement of Apple’s iPhone 12 making the jump to 5G connectivity along with a range of other features like eSIM, this further hammer down cellular data platforms in 2020. Nowadays, all smartphones include wireless capabilities that are … Read More

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SIM card with its tray

Debunking 4 Common Myths About eSIMs

Technology is becoming more convenient and easier to use than ever before. The advent of eSIMs has offered customers a more flexible way of using their various smart devices since it provides cellular data and wireless service at cost-effective rates. … Read More

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QR codes

What is QR code

Quick Response or “QR” codes are two-dimensional barcodes (or special images) that can hold up-to 2k characters of encoded data. Such data can be in the form of website link, eSIM activation code, mobile app link, inventory tracking information, digital … Read More

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Global Cellular Network

How to pick an eSIM (embedded SIM)

Embedded SIM or eSIM is a new feature included in different smartphones and consumer devices, enabling digital access to cellular networks whether locally or globally. Different eSIM mobile data offerings are being released from service providers and distributors, and consumers … Read More

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How eSIM platforms support the rise of IoT connectivity

With today’s mobile networks established essentially worldwide, there’s not many that do not know about the SIM cards. Short for the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM), the SIM card’s main job was to help providers identify a specific user in a … Read More

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eSIM and IoT

How programmable eSIM can improve businesses

eSIM technology is poised to achieve high growth as more and more industries integrate eSIM into their products and facilities. Both the consumer and IoT sectors particularly benefit from this. The question now is: how can organizations and manufacturers initiate … Read More

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eSIM QR Code

How eSIM Apps Are Pushing Boundaries in Technology in 2021

The year 2020 just made it more apparent that connectivity is an absolute necessity for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely reshaped how we work, shop, and socialize, and most importantly, the way we do business. It pushed thousands of … Read More

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7 Ways eSIM Improves Operations in Industrial IoT

Various industries have accelerated the deployment of Internet of Things or IoT technologies, which have vastly improved their operations. IoT has also showed the possibilities of an even more connected world by adopting more devices. For this reason, numerous businesses … Read More

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Global network

How eSIMs are Changing the World of Connectivity

Embedded SIMs or eSIMs have been around for several years to power up the Internet of Things, and recently began to be used in smartphones, changing the landscape even more. Now that users can benefit from global data wherever they … Read More

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Telecom Tower

3 Reasons why Electronic SIM is shaping telecommunications

For most of the 90s and early 2000s, people used mobile phones with SIM cards. SIM stands for subscriber identification module, and it authenticates subscribers on mobile devices like phones and computers. Today’s innovations and technological developments in telecommunications have … Read More

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The Future of Business Connectivity – Reasons to adopt eSIM

We are living in a fast, digital world where connectivity plays a huge role. With that being said, it’s only right that businesses use effective approaches to connect and make transactions digitally to maximize their online reach. For many businesses, … Read More

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eSIM for business travelers

3 Ways eSIMs Can Benefit Frequent Business Travelers

If you are a frequent business traveler going around the country or overseas, you’ll be quite aware of the problem of having an unreliable internet connection. While finding a café somewhere with decent internet is an option, trying to access … Read More

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Business Analytics

All About eSIM – How It Can Benefit Your Business

The technological landscape is evolving at a breakneck pace, with the Internet of Things or IoT being one of the fastest-growing areas whether for industrial or consumer usage. Embedded SIM cards, known as eSIMs, are vital in feature in internet-connected … Read More

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Consumer connected devices

Is eSIM Tech already going mainstream?

Embedded SIMs or eSIM tech has been available in smartphones for quite few years now. It proved to be the perfect tool for consumers to have multiple plans (e.g., for work, travel, backup connectivity) and gain more power over which … Read More

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