Celitech eSIM API

eSIM and a new generation of wireless API’s

Connectivity is becoming a more critical necessity of our day-to-day life, and the need to be always connected has been amplified by COVID-19. Whether it is remote work, telehealth, online education, mobile banking, or online shopping, most human activities today … Read More

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lobal Connectivity eSIM_Celitech

eSIM and the Future of Connectivity

With wireless connectivity finding its way into all aspects of life, it has become unstoppable in terms of the endless capabilities it offers to mobile users, thanks to technological innovation and the app ecosystem. Smartphones are getting more advanced and … Read More

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Mobile eSIM IoT

IoT and Wireless eSIM APIs

Embedded SIM (eSIM) is shaping the future of connectivity technology as we know it. With plenty of smartphone manufacturers producing eSIM-capable devices, the world of connectivity API’s for mobile apps is expected to rapidly expand. With unparalleled need for connectivity … Read More

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eSIM APIs and the online shift

Smartphones and smart devices have advanced significantly in the last few years. The developments in screen technology, processing power, mobile apps, wireless connectivity, and overall functionality make smartphones as “super computers” in our pockets. Some modern cellphones are even powerful … Read More

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QR codes

What is QR code

Quick Response or “QR” codes are two-dimensional barcodes (or special images) that can hold up-to 2k characters of encoded data. Such data can be in the form of website link, eSIM activation code, mobile app link, inventory tracking information, digital … Read More

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Apps for Smartphone

Why consumers will love eSIM

Mobile device technology is increasing in scale and functionality every year, and the next generation of smartphones are expected to have the biggest jump yet, probably towards a wearable! Nowadays, tech giants are relying less on hardware and are investing … Read More

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API Sample

Improving B2B processes using APIs

When operating a technology-centered business, the future of applications and programs rests in the hands of API solutions and platforms. Most B2B interactions and integrations are happening over APIs, like over 80% of all web traffic. This new-age programming and … Read More

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Mobile data consumption

3 Tips to Lower Your Data Consumption

In the modern age, almost everyone has a personal mobile device. People as well as business are living more of their lives in online spaces, making the importance of constant access indisputable to many.  With over 4 billion internet users … Read More

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Celitech Forbes Technology Council

Celitech – Forbes Technology Council

This page includes a variety of technology-related articles that Celitech contributes to, as published by Forbes. 14 ‘Smart City’ Tech Features That Will Soon Change Urban Centers 14 Tech Experts Explain How To Successfully Adopt ‘Zero Trust’ 16 Tech Trends That … Read More

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Celitech.com QR

Embedded SIM “eSIM” Myths

As a new technology embedded in recent mobile phones*, tablets, laptops** and a variety of smart devices, embedded SIM (eSIM) is a powerful feature allowing consumers to stay connected in a variety of flexible and affordable ways. The emerging feature … Read More

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