Celitech eSIM API

eSIM and a new generation of wireless API’s

Connectivity is becoming a critical necessity of our day-to-day life. The need to be always connected has been amplified by COVID-19. Whether it is remote work, telehealth, online education, mobile banking, or online shopping, most human activities today are happening … Read More

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API security

Four Security Policies Your APIs Should Have

Reinforcing your APIs’ security is always a top priority, although many developers tend to ignore some of the crucial security measures in favor of authentication and authorization. While these two are essential security policies, other security provisions require just as … Read More

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A brief Guide to SaaS API Solutions

The modern times have paved the way for various technological innovations like SaaS API’s to rise, prompting a paradigm shift of landscapes. Technological advancements essentially encompass a variety of industries, all of which are benefiting in terms of profit, growth, … Read More

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virtual numbers

Understanding Virtual Phone Numbers and Their Benefits

Most people get mobile service by signing up for a phone plan with a carrier. The carrier then provides mobile users with a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) while mobile users mostly bring their own device or smartphone. Many people do … Read More

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Backup Connectivity

Using Wireless eSIM Platforms for Back-Up Connectivity

The internet is the defining feature of the 21st century, with most corporate and societal infrastructure built upon wireless connectivity. Everywhere you go, you will see people connected via wireless data and other cellular data platforms to access various websites, … Read More

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How to pick app

How to pick a messaging app

As we spend more time online, user privacy has become more critical than ever – both for consumers and businesses. Messaging apps are already the default option to “text and talk” (as eSIM for cellular data) and mobile users prefer … Read More

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Digital Divide

How eSIM will minimize the digital divide

The digital divide is effectively the gap that exists between people who are able to benefit from the internet (e.g. for higher productivity, remote work, online education, etc.) and those who are not. Today over 49% of households globally 25% … Read More

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lobal Connectivity eSIM_Celitech

Mobile data API’s, eSIM and the Future of Connectivity

With wireless connectivity finding its way into all aspects of life, it has become unstoppable in terms of the endless capabilities it offers to mobile users, thanks to technological innovation and the app ecosystem. Smartphones are getting more advanced and … Read More

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5G and eSIM

eSIM and 5G – the future of wireless

With the recent announcement of Apple’s iPhone 12 making the jump to 5G connectivity along with a range of other features like eSIM, this further hammer down cellular data platforms in 2020. Nowadays, all smartphones include wireless capabilities that are … Read More

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SIM card with its tray

Debunking 4 Common Myths About eSIMs

Technology is becoming more convenient and easier to use than ever before. The advent of eSIMs has offered customers a more flexible way of using their various smart devices since it provides cellular data and wireless service at cost-effective rates. … Read More

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QR codes

What is QR code

Quick Response or “QR” codes are two-dimensional barcodes (or special images) that can hold up-to 2k characters of encoded data. Such data can be in the form of website link, eSIM activation code, mobile app link, inventory tracking information, digital … Read More

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Global Cellular Network

How to pick an eSIM (embedded SIM)

Embedded SIM or eSIM is a new feature included in different smartphones and consumer devices, enabling digital access to cellular networks whether locally or globally. Different eSIM mobile data offerings are being released from service providers and distributors, and consumers … Read More

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Digital Marketing Data APIs

How Data APIs can help Digital Marketers

Application programming interfaces or APIs allow marketers, especially SEO professionals, to enrich their work in various ways. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned digital marketer, data APIs can help reduce errors, decrease implementation time, and assist in uncovering insights. … Read More

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Celitech eSIM API

How wireless eSIMs Will Pave the Way for the Evolution of IoT

Ever since the development of wireless eSIMs, it has been put forward as the next significant step forward in cellular data API’s for connected IoT devices and gadgets. Currently, eSIMs are used predominantly in smartphones, laptops, and other similar devices. … Read More

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RESTful API: 3 Elements to Consider During Development

If your company has recently designed a mobile application, you understand the amount of complexity the process involves. It is essentially a series of layers, all of which ensure full functionality, ease of use, and a working backend. Although overly … Read More

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3 reasons why Consumer eSIM is so important to the IoT world

While the traditional SIM card remains in use today, the consumer eSIM is slowly growing in new devices from smartphones to drones. An eSIM is a new version of the SIM that can load new carriers digitally, using QR codes. … Read More

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eSIM QR Code

How eSIM API’s benefit businesses

It is mind-boggling that today’s smartphones have more processing power than the computer onboard the Apollo 11. Your handheld device has a more powerful computer than the machine that facilitated the moon landing! That processing power goes to enabling the … Read More

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Telecom tower

How eSIM is changing telecommunications

The standard SIM card has been ubiquitous in the past three decades—the only major change is in the development of varying sizes made to fit smaller and smaller spaces inside mobile devices. In the last few years, however, the embedded … Read More

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Connectivity Network

Why embedded SIMs unleash the future of connectivity

In today’s world, the technology sphere is focusing heavily on the transition to fewer pieces of hardware and diving deeper into software. Developments like embedded SIMs (eSIMs) and the cloud technologies are removing people’s requirements for hardware devices by increasing … Read More

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eSIM for Mobile Apps

Pros and Cons of eSIMs and Virtual Numbers

In this hyper-connected world, where communication sits at the very center of every business, government, organization, and society, connectivity and ease of use are two very important aspects that people are always looking for. With more and more people being … Read More

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