SIM for intl travel

The Only SIM You Need When You’re Traveling Overseas

An electronic SIM (embedded SIM) or eSIM is a rewritable SIM card built into a cellular phone, like a smartphone or a smartwatch. With an eSIM, you no longer need to pop open a slot to put a SIM card … Read More

Air Travel

3 Reasons to opt For eSIMs for travel over Sim Cards

While traveling for business or leisure purposes, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by what you need to track. Things like flights, hotel booking, airport transport, the in-destination activities you have planned—all of these are just examples of the myriad … Read More

eSIM for business travelers

3 Ways eSIMs Can Benefit Frequent Business Travelers

If you are a frequent business traveler going around the country or overseas, you’ll be quite aware of the problem of having an unreliable internet connection. While finding a café somewhere with decent internet is an option, trying to access … Read More

Connectivity Network

Why embedded SIMs unleash the future of connectivity

In today’s world, the technology sphere is focusing heavily on the transition to fewer pieces of hardware and diving deeper into software. Developments like embedded SIMs (eSIMs) and the cloud technologies are removing people’s requirements for hardware devices by increasing … Read More

Travel bag

International Travel and eSIM Cellular Data Platforms

Travel is an essential part of modern-day life, as it is a requirement for business operations, with the occasional leisure and vacation trips. It can be an excellent experience for people to see the world and interact with various cultures. … Read More

Celitech Forbes Technology Council

Celitech – Forbes Technology Council

This page includes a variety of technology-related articles that Celitech contributes to, as published by Forbes. 14 ‘Smart City’ Tech Features That Will Soon Change Urban Centers 14 Tech Experts Explain How To Successfully Adopt ‘Zero Trust’ 16 Tech Trends That … Read More

SIM cards vs eSIM

Advantages of eSIMs over SIM Cards – Why You Should Switch

With new phones coming out with plenty of brand-new features, it may be challenging for you to decide whether to invest in a new phone or stick it out with your current one. You might be asking yourself if the … Read More

Remote work

3 ways eSIM can change Remote Work

The world of business works heavily in tandem with technological advancements. A company that fails to adapt to modern renditions of practice using technologies is typically doomed to fail. Conversely, the world of tech works tirelessly to create more efficient … Read More

cellular vs satellite

Cellular versus Satellite Phones – What you should know

Cellular phones today are so much more powerful than the ones we had in the past. Nearly all transactions today can be accomplished online through mobile data. In many situations, a cell phone is enough to contact and engage with … Read More

Mobile data for travel

4 ways to save on mobile data while travelling

Mobile data can be a huge lifesaver whenever you’re traveling to a place you’ve never been to before. Having internet connectivity while you’re on the move keeps you connected anytime and anywhere, allowing you access to helpful tools, like maps … Read More