How eSIM Technology Benefits Tourism Professionals

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With international travel regaining its ground, the worldwide pandemic slowly eases, and the ability to have mobile internet even when abroad is becoming a more important factor to people. As such, tourism professionals should now start offering more options that allow for data roaming and connected travelers. But of course, such offerings can be quite expensive, and many people end up purchasing local SIMs in their destinations. So, if you’re a tourism professional, you might be wondering what to do to ensure your travelers can enjoy data in-destination without having to deal with the disadvantages of traditional SIM cards. If so, here’s our answer: eSIM.

What Is eSIM?

eSIM, or electronic SIM cards, are the newest form of SIM cards, and they basically offer many of the benefits of traditional SIM cards, but with the added convenience of being programmable remotely and managed using a mobile app. So, if you’re a tourism professional that’s used to working with traditional SIM cards, eSIM is definitely something that you will want to look into.

How Does eSIM Benefit Tourism Professionals?

eSIMs are a valuable asset for tourism professionals, so we’ve compiled a short list of how they can help you:

1. They’re Safe and Secure

eSIM won’t put your travelers at risk as regular SIM cards do. Traditional SIM cards are prone to scams and fraud, and travelers may be subject to these should they choose to purchase a SIM card at their destination. eSIMs, however, are managed with the help of a mobile app or QR code and can be purchased online, so tourists won’t have to deal with fraud around SIM swapping & cloning.

2. They Allow International Roaming

Another great advantage of eSIMs is the fact that they offer international roaming. They’re the best option for travelers who don’t want to deal with the exorbitant costs that can come with roaming.

3. They’re Customizable

eSIMs allow you to customize your SIMs in countless ways, some of which include:

  • Add multiple data plans (e.g. for work, travel, personal use)
  • Choose the starting data plan that fits your need
  • Choose the amount of data you want to add to the SIM if you wish to select a value that isn’t included in the initial package

Either way, the fact that eSIMs are customizable makes them a must-have, especially for tourists that travel a lot.

4. They’re Affordable

One of the worst aspects of roaming with a traditional SIM card is that the costs are often too high. Fortunately, eSIMs are a lot cheaper, and you can customize the prices of your SIMs to suit your needs and those of your travelers.

With the help of eSIMs, you can offer your travelers & tourists the comfort and convenience of roaming without having them deal with high costs.


eSIMs are the future of international connectivity for travel and tourism, and we can’t wait for them to become a standard for all international travel. And because of the many benefits they have to offer, tourism professionals should definitely look into them as soon as possible.

Celitech offers eSIM solutions that help travel and tourism companies generate new revenues and better engage with their travelers. If you are looking for the best eSIM service that you can offer to your customers, reach out to us today!

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