How eSIMs are Changing the World of Connectivity

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Embedded SIMs or eSIMs have been around for several years to power up the Internet of Things, and recently began to be used in smartphones, changing the landscape even more. Now that users can benefit from global data wherever they are, it’s now easier to stay connected without having to invest in an entirely new SIM.

However, eSIMs are also helpful for several other things, quickly becoming the industry standard for IoT in healthcare, utilities, transportation, and other sectors. As innovators continue to redefine technology and find more ways to use eSIMs, it may end up changing the world. Here’s what you need to know about it:

What is an eSIM?

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, which is the hardware component linking a piece of hardware to a cellular network. They’re often used in phones or pet trackers. Typically, traditional SIM cards need to be physically swapped out so the device can easily switch between carrier networks.

SIMs are offered in different forms to accommodate various applications and devices. On the other hand, eSIMs are built into the device. That means they can’t be removed, unlike physical SIM cards, which were the only option for several years. Thanks to the advent of new technology, such as eUICC, it is now possible to manage carriers remotely, allowing global IoT execution to be more efficient. In fact, eSIMs equipped with eUICC capabilities enable easier carrier swaps regardless of the device’s location.

The Benefits of eSIMs

eSIMs have numerous advantages over physical SIMs. For instance, since eSIMs cannot be removed, which means they require less space in a device. That has led manufacturers to produce smaller, more compact, and durable devices.

Another benefit is that they’re convenient for industrial IoT devices because they allow remote management, making it easy to scale. Companies can take care of massive M2M or machine-to-machine deployments, comprising of a large number of devices worldwide. Since it can accommodate remote carrier switching, there is no need to be in the same physical location as the device in question to resolve connectivity issues.

Additionally, eSIMs come with better security. SIM cards are exposed to SIM swapping and identity theft, which is a major issue in countries like the US. Fortunately, eSIMs offer individuals with better protection against SIM swapping and its associated risks.

The Different Uses of eSIMs

eSIMs are expected to eventually replace traditional SIMs in various consumer products like phones and watches. They have already progressed to becoming the default solution for cellular IoT or M2M applications. In fact, the automotive industry has begun to take the lead in eSIM connections by taking advantage of its automatic network swap feature. With this functionality, devices can quickly change networks once they pass through coverage zones and borders.

eSIMs can also be used for vehicle tracking, which companies use to monitor fleets over borders. They’re equally practical for dash cams and other similar aftermarket auto accessories, as they add connected services to cars, providing owners with even more ways to protect their vehicles from theft and loss.

Other industries have found many uses for industrial eSIMs. It is currently being utilized in remote patient tracking devices in the healthcare sector, sharing patients’ real-time health data with their medical providers. Utility companies have also begun deploying eSIMs for smart power meters and solar panels. Retail businesses have adopted eSIMs in their point-of-sale devices to process payments more efficiently and producing data on customer information.


eSIMs have already been in the process of changing the world. As more industries continue to adopt the technology into their offerings, it is expected to grow even more widespread. For this reason, businesses who want to modernize should consider using an eSIM for their project, along with an IoT platform that is compatible with their goals and customer preferences.

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