The Best Platforms You Should Use for International Travel


While various travel apps are available for Android and Apple devices, most are useless. Sifting through the irrelevant ones to find the gems is not how you want to spend your time, but no one wants to pay for a worthless app. If you have an upcoming trip, save yourself the trouble and start with these international travel platforms that you can access through a travel eSIM service:


This app does all the usual things you’d expect from an accommodation booking app—searches, descriptions, filters—and looks particularly good. Its most notable feature is the full-screen interactive map, making it more convenient to work out whether the hostel you prefer is near your ideal destination. Those all-important reviews are also a tap away from your travel eSIM service.


HotelTonight platform helps you find great deals on last-minute hotel rooms. It’s super easy to use and only takes a few minutes to book a room. You can search by city or attraction, check the map, and then read reviews and see photos from other travelers. It also has 24/7 customer support. If you need a last-minute room, this is the app to use.


Waiting around in airports sucks. Flying on budget airlines with long layovers and terrible connections, dirty seats, expensive Wi-Fi, bad food, and good lounges are a needed luxury during these moments.

Fortuitously, LoungeBuddy takes the pain out of this problem. Once you’ve entered your credit card, airline status, and lounge memberships through your travel eSIM service, the app shows which lounges you can access at any airport. Even if you don’t have exclusive memberships, the app informs you if you are close to free lounges or those from where you can purchase a day pass. No worries, too, because the app is slick, easy to use, and free!


Known as the Yelp platform of Asia, OpenRice is a popular restaurant-reviewing website, particularly in Southeast Asia, and has listings for Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. The app allows you to access the website’s content from your phone’s travel eSIM service.


For cheap flights, Skyscanner is the best. Their mobile app searches millions of flights in more than 1,200 sources and then gives you the best options available (whether the cheapest route or the easiest one). Its handy chart feature lets you pick from the cheapest days or months to fly to your destination and sends notifications of price changes.


TripIt helps you organize your upcoming travel itinerary. However, to access this feature, you must forward your hotel, restaurant, flight, and car rental confirmation emails to Once you’ve done that, It instantly transfers all the information to your master itinerary, so you can easily view your plans at once.

Using the pro version, the company will find alternative routes if flights get canceled. They’ll also send you automatic airline notifications about flight delays, cancellations, etc. If you travel internationally a lot and have multiple bookings that need organizing, TripIt is the best platform to user.

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